Important Things To Remember Before Shooting For A Skincare Brand

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Selecting the right model is crucial. Ensure to choose a model whose raw images and videos are available beforehand, as her skin will be the main focus. Additionally, the model will play a significant role in establishing the credibility of your skincare brand.

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Ensure you have an ample supply of tissues and ideally a nearby bathroom to prevent the set from being spoiled. This allows you to clean up after any spills promptly.

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Always request extra product from the client to allow for dropping and spilling shots. This ensures you can take multiple retakes to capture the perfect shot.


Prior to asking the model to apply any product, inquire about any allergies she may have. Ensure she is aware of the ingredients and comfortable with applying the product on her skin.

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Always request the model to bring her own makeup and skincare products as a precautionary measure.

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Use props and backgrounds that complement the skincare brand’s image, such as plants or minimalist designs, to enhance the overall aesthetic of the shoot.

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You can also request the client to provide the ingredients used in their products and use them as props in product videos and photos. This adds to the aesthetic and helps customers better understand the product.

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Advise the model to prepare her skin before the shoot by cleansing and moisturising to ensure a smooth application of the skincare products.

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Throughout the shoot, ensure the model is comfortable and relaxed to capture natural expressions and movements.

Professional Beauty Product Photography Studio Services

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